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  • Camden County has it all!

    Centered within one of the world’s best-connected regions along the booming Northeast corridor, Camden County offers easy access to an extensive network of road, rail, air and seaport facilities.  Its well-educated workforce and skilled labor pool provide a wealth of talent and diversity, supporting cutting edge industries in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, foreign trade, transportation, logistics and manufacturing.  Quality of life is exceptional too, including outstanding schools and universities, world-class healthcare, along with a rich cultural and historical heritage

    Camden County is the perfect place to locate your business - no mater where you do business now.  In fact, over 40% of the U.S. market is less than a day’s drive away.  Minutes from Philadelphia and only a few hours from Washington, New York and Boston; our prime location allows you to reach more customers in less time, with greater efficiency and ease.

    Our well-educated workforce and skilled labor pool provide a wealth of talent and diversity, supporting growing businesses throughout the region.  From biotech, pharmaceuticals and foreign trade, to transportation, logistics and manufacturing, you’ll find a broad choice of scientists, engineers, technicians and trade workers to equip your company for success.  Our extraordinarily diverse labor force also makes Camden County a hospitable location for foreign-owned companies.  One in five residents is foreign born.

  • The nation most cutting edge industries have called Camden County home for many years.  From Fortune 500 leaders to fast-growing start-ups, business is thriving here.  Currently, over $750 million in construction is underway for additional healthcare and research facilities.  The new Waterfront Technology Center, an incubator for high-tech companies, is setting the pace for tomorrow’s breakthroughs.  Campbell’s Soup, the world’s largest food processor, continues to expand its international headquarters in Camden County.

    For all of the reasons to locate your business in Camden County, one cannot overlook the exceptional quality of life your employees will take advantage of What do people love about living here?  Residents will point to our stimulating intellectual and educational opportunities, our enriching arts, history and cultural environment, our wide variety of world-class entertainment and recreational activities.

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